First of all, sorry for not writing on a more weekly or monthly basis, I guess I have just been busy. Busy living life to the fullest and also binging on television shows like Murder She wrote and Diagnose Murder. Lol it brings back so many lovely memories of my childhood and that also brings back those fond memories of our lovely summer holidays.

We would always go to see my grandparents who lived close by the sea, and it was the best. Water, sand and freedom to run around half naked in the garden all day long. What more could a child want.

So when I read about parents feeling the pressure to go far away with a toddler or a child barely old enough to remember anything, it really annoys me.

Kids today would love to spend time at home as well as going away to foreign places. Of course they will talk about, compare to their friends and so what.

We as parents should be able to give them the confident to accept that we are not all going to Europe, Asia or other exotic places. We are all different and have different needs and spending their holidays at home is just as wonderful as going to a hotel with four different pools.

Vacations are meant to be spent together as a family, where dad gets silly and play for hours. Where mum takes time from her phone and do fun activities with her kids.

Life today is so busy for most of us that having a moment to take a deep breath, watch your kids play silly games or just do nothing. So when we do have that chance why not spend it with your kids instead of trying to impress your 150 friends on Facebook or Instagram. True friends will support you when you make choices like staying at home to save money or splurging on a fancy holiday. They just want us to be happy, so do what makes you happy and not what makes everyone else happy.

Happy Holidays Peeps !


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