Looks ?

So every now and then, like once a year or even less, I get to dress up and really look like I made an effort.

Not that I do not make an effort everyday. I wash my face and comb my hair, but there are those moments where you have your hair done and put on so much make up you feel like you are wearing a mask.

So when I do I like to have a picture taken just to remind myself of what I can actually look like. Not that I look that different from my everyday look, but it is nice to see that I can actually scrub up and look glam.

So we did, couple of nights ago we were invited by the Norwegian Embassy to a Nordic Event.  It was interesting event and we got to meet a lot of new people, as well as old friends.

But what took me most by surprise was my own looks. I mean, I spend most of my life in front of a mirror so it should not come as a surprise how I look.

But when I saw the photos of us I realised I looked so Asian. Again it should not come as a surprise since I was born in Korea, but it blew me away.

I always thought I looked different from the other Koreans, maybe not so much with my looks, but with my way of dressing and doing my hair.

Husband commented quite dryly, «so what are you supposed to look like ?»
I do not know, just not so Asian was my reply.

I think it is about time I realise that I am Asian by looks and I will never look less Asian or even as my husband.  So next time I do take a nice picture, I will just embrace my looks. Or I could go totally blonde and see if that helps

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