So, my name is Line Rohde Jakobsen and I am from Norway. When you hear me talk or read my name out loud, you automatically think I am from Norway. Why would not you?
But when you see my face, that is when you realize I might not be the typical Norwegian girl you had in your image.

I am not as tall as most Norwegians. They are seriously tall people in general
I am not a blond girl with blue eyes or a brunette with brown eyes.
I am what you would call Asian looking kind of girl.

Does that mean you think less of me since I am not the typical Norwegian person you had in mind?

Does it mean you will tell me things like, «since you are Asian, you must know how to use chopsticks»

Or how about, you must love Chinese food because that is your national food. Ehm, I grew up eating typical Norwegian food like my grandma’s home-cooked meatballs.

Or, talk very loud to me like I do not understand a word you are saying because surely I do not speak Norwegian. I mean, it is only my name that is typical Norwegian.

I walked past three ladies one day with my kids in Norway, and one of them told the other. «OMG, there are so many immigrants in this country now». My kids did not understand the comment, but I surely did.

What gives that person the right to judge others just because they do not look exactly like you.
Why would I want to look like everybody else, and if I can see beyond the fact that you are pale-skinned? Why cannot you see beyond the fact that my hair is dark, my skin slightly darker than yours and my eyes are dark brown?

I am still me, no matter how much you try to make me fit a box that suits you. I am still that Norwegian girl from a small town, living life here in Malaysia.



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