Covid 19

Been a long time since I wrote here and a lot has happened since then. We went through a very long period of Haze and online schooling. The last part was a bit difficult to adjust to for me, the kids loved it. I hated it since I had nowhere to hide from them anymore and could not go outside either.

Then Christmas came and we had a lovely time doing things our way, which apparently is not the way to do it. Well according to others, but we do it our way anyway.

New Year was an amazing celebration of the year and we were all super excited for the year to come.
This year, everything we know, and cherished has changed to something we are still trying to get our heads around.

The Virus, the dreaded Virus called Covid-19 has greeted us with a lot of uncertainties and sadness.

We have said goodbye to hugs, traveling, meeting other people on the street, and also the life, in general, we used to know.

Now we are all trying to adjust ourselves into the new norm and figuring out how to stay ahead mentally

Malaysia has been in lockdown since the 18th of March, we are still under lockdown but are now allowed to be outside. The first 8 weeks were hard since we were not allowed to leave our houses. Now that the kids are allowed to go outside it helps a lot for all of us.

So yeah, this year was a game-changer for all of us and I am hopeful that we have learned something from this and will move forwards together.

Stay home and stay healthy

Peace out

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