Mood swings

So apparently I get mood swings and just not cute ones. Really bad ones that last for days and days.

At first, I thought it was my husband’s bad habits he has been trying to quit that made me grumpy. You know, sympathy mood swings, like men get when we are pregnant. They gain weight and have weird cravings.

Then I thought maybe it was because he did not get any mood swings that I got them all. Like, compensating for his lack of mood swings or something. I mean, we are married and we do share most things in life. So why not mood swings, seeing as we are close and loved up still.

Then it dawned on me, why I was having these horrible mood swings and being sad and depressed. It is the weather, believe it or not. It is the weather!

We have been having a lot of haze lately and that means no sun, no blue sky, and no outdoor activity. We have been all cooped indoors for the last three weeks and it has taken its toll on us all. Me the most as I have been climbing on the walls getting more and more frustrated as time goes by.

I am not likely to see the end of this, anytime soon. It might pass at the end of October, well media says the end of September, but hey last time it was this bad it took four months for it to be nice again. So I am not being too positive about this and mentally tell myself it will be fine by the end of October.

So my mood swings come from not seeing the sun and good thing I live in a country where the sun shines every day. Even with the haze, the sun still shines. It is just well hidden behind all the haze.


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