Old body

There are days when you wonder how old are you really ? Like am I as old as my age or older, or how about the other way around. Could I be younger than I look or feel or is it just a mental thing.

I have always taken pride in being young and active but lately I am starting to wonder how young I really am. The looks can be deceiving and it is not that easy to tell anymore whether you are old or young.

So I go for my hikes twice a week and been doing fine for a long time, sometimes I do it three times a week. Also I have been doing yoga and really got into this exercise, but lately I have been struggling more and more.

My body is telling me I am old, and not just a bit old I am seriously old. Like an 80 year old lady who can hardly walk.

My hip is complaining, my back is aching and I have pain in places I did not know existed. I feel sooo old and tired, not to talk about grumpy and that is just another old lady syndrome.

The positive side of things is that I do not look old so I will be an 80 year old lady with youthful looks. Good things there is always a positive side to things

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