Home Sweet Home

When the holidays are over there is nothing better than to go home. Home to where things are still the same and the smell of air, that has not seen the light of days for weeks lingering.

The small things in life that you miss, like and empty fridge or basket full of clothes that needs to be washed. Toilets that have not been used in weeks and sort of smells weird, or the discovery of sand in your suitcases from the beach you just spent weeks on.

But home also represent your own bed, not sharing with an overeager 10 year old that like to use you as a pillow. Or listening to your teenager talking in his sleep or your lovely husband snoring. Home is also a place where you actually have to go out and buy food and worst of all, you have to cook as well. Oh my, how do we survive without that feeling of eating-out-all-the-time-holiday.

The holidays are over for this time, and we are trying to get back in normal routines, like getting up in the mornings. Going to the gym and pretending that we have not been skipping our sessions at all.

So while we are waiting for school to start and getting back to normal, I dream about our next holidays. Somewhere where there is a white beach and blue sky, and a nice lounge for me to relax in. So holidays, I am looking forward to see you again soon.


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