Internet, good or bad

So when things happen and you wonder why, most of us will use the internet for research even though we are aware we should not.

We google from every angle there is and will not rest easy before we at least read it somewhere four times.

Problem is that when you do google something there is always worst case scenario first. Like, you are going to die a slow and painful death. But if you are strong enough to read some more, it might have more positive outcome. You know at the bottom of the search list. Because no one wants to have positive news first, no by all means take the doom and gloom first.

So when you read the good news later you can sort of relax and think it was not that bad after all.  Forget to mention it to all your friends that your google search was first bad news, but only mention the good news since it is good news.

But the internet is more than just doom and gloom, it has a lot of fun stuff like cute cat pictures and oh man there are a lot of them online.

So I am trying to outweigh my searches with cat pictures now and then to avoid the doom and gloom when I do research small stuff like black poo.

Who knew that black poo was a result of taking iron tablets. Not cancer or near death illnesses.

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