So, my name is Line Rohde Jakobsen and I am from Norway. When you hear me talk or read my name out loud, you automatically think I am from Norway. Why would not you?
But when you see my face, that is when you realize I might not be the typical Norwegian girl you had in your image.

I am not as tall as most Norwegians. They are seriously tall people in general
I am not a blond girl with blue eyes or a brunette with brown eyes.
I am what you would call Asian looking kind of girl.

Does that mean you think less of me since I am not the typical Norwegian person you had in mind?

Does it mean you will tell me things like, «since you are Asian, you must know how to use chopsticks»

Or how about, you must love Chinese food because that is your national food. Ehm, I grew up eating typical Norwegian food like my grandma’s home-cooked meatballs.

Or, talk very loud to me like I do not understand a word you are saying because surely I do not speak Norwegian. I mean, it is only my name that is typical Norwegian.

I walked past three ladies one day with my kids in Norway, and one of them told the other. «OMG, there are so many immigrants in this country now». My kids did not understand the comment, but I surely did.

What gives that person the right to judge others just because they do not look exactly like you.
Why would I want to look like everybody else, and if I can see beyond the fact that you are pale-skinned? Why cannot you see beyond the fact that my hair is dark, my skin slightly darker than yours and my eyes are dark brown?

I am still me, no matter how much you try to make me fit a box that suits you. I am still that Norwegian girl from a small town, living life here in Malaysia.



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Covid 19

Been a long time since I wrote here and a lot has happened since then. We went through a very long period of Haze and online schooling. The last part was a bit difficult to adjust to for me, the kids loved it. I hated it since I had nowhere to hide from them anymore and could not go outside either.

Then Christmas came and we had a lovely time doing things our way, which apparently is not the way to do it. Well according to others, but we do it our way anyway.

New Year was an amazing celebration of the year and we were all super excited for the year to come.
This year, everything we know, and cherished has changed to something we are still trying to get our heads around.

The Virus, the dreaded Virus called Covid-19 has greeted us with a lot of uncertainties and sadness.

We have said goodbye to hugs, traveling, meeting other people on the street, and also the life, in general, we used to know.

Now we are all trying to adjust ourselves into the new norm and figuring out how to stay ahead mentally

Malaysia has been in lockdown since the 18th of March, we are still under lockdown but are now allowed to be outside. The first 8 weeks were hard since we were not allowed to leave our houses. Now that the kids are allowed to go outside it helps a lot for all of us.

So yeah, this year was a game-changer for all of us and I am hopeful that we have learned something from this and will move forwards together.

Stay home and stay healthy

Peace out

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Mood swings

So apparently I get mood swings and just not cute ones. Really bad ones that last for days and days.

At first, I thought it was my husband’s bad habits he has been trying to quit that made me grumpy. You know, sympathy mood swings, like men get when we are pregnant. They gain weight and have weird cravings.

Then I thought maybe it was because he did not get any mood swings that I got them all. Like, compensating for his lack of mood swings or something. I mean, we are married and we do share most things in life. So why not mood swings, seeing as we are close and loved up still.

Then it dawned on me, why I was having these horrible mood swings and being sad and depressed. It is the weather, believe it or not. It is the weather!

We have been having a lot of haze lately and that means no sun, no blue sky, and no outdoor activity. We have been all cooped indoors for the last three weeks and it has taken its toll on us all. Me the most as I have been climbing on the walls getting more and more frustrated as time goes by.

I am not likely to see the end of this, anytime soon. It might pass at the end of October, well media says the end of September, but hey last time it was this bad it took four months for it to be nice again. So I am not being too positive about this and mentally tell myself it will be fine by the end of October.

So my mood swings come from not seeing the sun and good thing I live in a country where the sun shines every day. Even with the haze, the sun still shines. It is just well hidden behind all the haze.


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Old body

There are days when you wonder how old are you really ? Like am I as old as my age or older, or how about the other way around. Could I be younger than I look or feel or is it just a mental thing.

I have always taken pride in being young and active but lately I am starting to wonder how young I really am. The looks can be deceiving and it is not that easy to tell anymore whether you are old or young.

So I go for my hikes twice a week and been doing fine for a long time, sometimes I do it three times a week. Also I have been doing yoga and really got into this exercise, but lately I have been struggling more and more.

My body is telling me I am old, and not just a bit old I am seriously old. Like an 80 year old lady who can hardly walk.

My hip is complaining, my back is aching and I have pain in places I did not know existed. I feel sooo old and tired, not to talk about grumpy and that is just another old lady syndrome.

The positive side of things is that I do not look old so I will be an 80 year old lady with youthful looks. Good things there is always a positive side to things

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Home Sweet Home

When the holidays are over there is nothing better than to go home. Home to where things are still the same and the smell of air, that has not seen the light of days for weeks lingering.

The small things in life that you miss, like and empty fridge or basket full of clothes that needs to be washed. Toilets that have not been used in weeks and sort of smells weird, or the discovery of sand in your suitcases from the beach you just spent weeks on.

But home also represent your own bed, not sharing with an overeager 10 year old that like to use you as a pillow. Or listening to your teenager talking in his sleep or your lovely husband snoring. Home is also a place where you actually have to go out and buy food and worst of all, you have to cook as well. Oh my, how do we survive without that feeling of eating-out-all-the-time-holiday.

The holidays are over for this time, and we are trying to get back in normal routines, like getting up in the mornings. Going to the gym and pretending that we have not been skipping our sessions at all.

So while we are waiting for school to start and getting back to normal, I dream about our next holidays. Somewhere where there is a white beach and blue sky, and a nice lounge for me to relax in. So holidays, I am looking forward to see you again soon.


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First of all, sorry for not writing on a more weekly or monthly basis, I guess I have just been busy. Busy living life to the fullest and also binging on television shows like Murder She wrote and Diagnose Murder. Lol it brings back so many lovely memories of my childhood and that also brings back those fond memories of our lovely summer holidays.

We would always go to see my grandparents who lived close by the sea, and it was the best. Water, sand and freedom to run around half naked in the garden all day long. What more could a child want.

So when I read about parents feeling the pressure to go far away with a toddler or a child barely old enough to remember anything, it really annoys me.

Kids today would love to spend time at home as well as going away to foreign places. Of course they will talk about, compare to their friends and so what.

We as parents should be able to give them the confident to accept that we are not all going to Europe, Asia or other exotic places. We are all different and have different needs and spending their holidays at home is just as wonderful as going to a hotel with four different pools.

Vacations are meant to be spent together as a family, where dad gets silly and play for hours. Where mum takes time from her phone and do fun activities with her kids.

Life today is so busy for most of us that having a moment to take a deep breath, watch your kids play silly games or just do nothing. So when we do have that chance why not spend it with your kids instead of trying to impress your 150 friends on Facebook or Instagram. True friends will support you when you make choices like staying at home to save money or splurging on a fancy holiday. They just want us to be happy, so do what makes you happy and not what makes everyone else happy.

Happy Holidays Peeps !


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Looks ?

So every now and then, like once a year or even less, I get to dress up and really look like I made an effort.

Not that I do not make an effort everyday. I wash my face and comb my hair, but there are those moments where you have your hair done and put on so much make up you feel like you are wearing a mask.

So when I do I like to have a picture taken just to remind myself of what I can actually look like. Not that I look that different from my everyday look, but it is nice to see that I can actually scrub up and look glam.

So we did, couple of nights ago we were invited by the Norwegian Embassy to a Nordic Event.  It was interesting event and we got to meet a lot of new people, as well as old friends.

But what took me most by surprise was my own looks. I mean, I spend most of my life in front of a mirror so it should not come as a surprise how I look.

But when I saw the photos of us I realised I looked so Asian. Again it should not come as a surprise since I was born in Korea, but it blew me away.

I always thought I looked different from the other Koreans, maybe not so much with my looks, but with my way of dressing and doing my hair.

Husband commented quite dryly, «so what are you supposed to look like ?»
I do not know, just not so Asian was my reply.

I think it is about time I realise that I am Asian by looks and I will never look less Asian or even as my husband.  So next time I do take a nice picture, I will just embrace my looks. Or I could go totally blonde and see if that helps

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Internet, good or bad

So when things happen and you wonder why, most of us will use the internet for research even though we are aware we should not.

We google from every angle there is and will not rest easy before we at least read it somewhere four times.

Problem is that when you do google something there is always worst case scenario first. Like, you are going to die a slow and painful death. But if you are strong enough to read some more, it might have more positive outcome. You know at the bottom of the search list. Because no one wants to have positive news first, no by all means take the doom and gloom first.

So when you read the good news later you can sort of relax and think it was not that bad after all.  Forget to mention it to all your friends that your google search was first bad news, but only mention the good news since it is good news.

But the internet is more than just doom and gloom, it has a lot of fun stuff like cute cat pictures and oh man there are a lot of them online.

So I am trying to outweigh my searches with cat pictures now and then to avoid the doom and gloom when I do research small stuff like black poo.

Who knew that black poo was a result of taking iron tablets. Not cancer or near death illnesses.

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So I have never tried to hide the fact that I do not like to cook. I am not a big fan of eating either. I think it is down to the fact that I am a boring food person. I eat the same thing years in row, and I do not like to change my eating habits.

So when Raft open, my second home by the way, I would eat the same thing over and over again. It became my thing, like when I said «can I have the My Breakfast». They knew exactly what I would like. Or when I said I wanted the Pho or the Beef burger. Never any questions asked, which I like, but also at the same time boring. Not much happening here food wise.

Youngest is the same and it is hard to make her change her eating habits when I am just as bad as her. But we do try and I am most of the time pretending to make dinners and stuff. I use food blogs a lot, but it also makes me feel more stressed out than fun. The names of the stuff they are making does not sound nice or it just looks gross.

But I do have a few things I love to make, like Skillingsboller and Tom Kha Gai soup. Bollene are a huge favourite in the household and it also reminds us of home, Bergen. There is no where else than Bergen you get the perfect Skillingsbolle and even though mine are good, we know better. We know that there is this bakery in Bergen that makes the best. But we live far away so we are not picky about that.

Tom Kha Gai is one of the best soups from Thailand, well that is how we feel and it brings back memories of beach, sun and the smells.

So now and then I bring back the memories of a summer filled with Thailands best beaches and food. Somethings are just too good to be forgotten.


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Chinese New Year

I know, I know we have been living in Malaysia for a long time, but it still takes me by surprise that CNY never starts at the same time. It all depends on the Lunar Calendar so it starts 1st of January and ends 15th of February.

So every year it is different timings for the holidays and this year it came 3 weeks after school started. So we felt it was not much time to get back into school before we have a whole week off.

We are still trying to figure out all the holidays in Malaysia, it is only 64 throughout the year, but some only applies for different counties. So for some of them it depends where you live.

But since it so many holidays during the year I always try to plan something ahead and usually miss it by a few weeks or months. I feel that every time there is a holiday or school is closed for the day, it comes as a surprise to me.

I really should read the calendar and be updated by now, I mean we have been here for 3 years and counting. Then again this is also something I tell myself every year, buy a calendar and book in advance.

So maybe next year I will be better at it, as it seems that CNY holidays are coming and going without us doing anything.

Gong Xi Fa Cai and I do love to look at the gorgeous decorations the malls have around here.

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