Raising Kids

This one has to be in English since I need to keep my friends here in KL updated as well as my friends in Norway

This time it is about raising kids and how well we all think we are doing.  You know the feeling, we babysit other friends kids, we babysit our sisters and brothers little kids. Just so we can say that we have tried the kids thing and are sooo god at it.

There is a huge difference in babysitting other kids than having your own kids. First off all you cannot give them back to their parents when they have tantrums or are crying for no reasons. You are the parent !

Second, you have to live with them for the next, let say 30 years or so. Wether you like it or not, kids today cannot afford their own place any more due to high prices so they will have to live with their parents until God knows when.

Third, they cost you a lot of money. More money that you usually have as well. And when you think this is the end of it, they find new ways to drag you in to this hole called money pit. You can just see your money disappear into a black hole.

Kids should come with a manual telling you what to expect the next 30 years or so. Because no matter how many books you have read before the arrival of the kid, they turn out to be something completely different. Or do something that they should not do before they turn 1.

So when a celebrity in Norway told the newspaper that,  «since I have a pedagogical background, I will be a firm, but also a fair parent»

LOL, the things we parents say before we actually have survived the first 6 weeks with a newborn.
Because no matter how much you have read or even educated yourself as a teacher, kindergarten teacher or anything that has to do with kids, your own kids are a whole new setting in life.

So good luck out there all you new parents and remember, you are allowed to make mistakes.

Or do as I always do, when I am stressed out 🙂

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