So we are in that time of year where you literally go bananas over presents, cards and stockings. Where you feel like you are running a multibillion company who is about to go bust any minute. Unless you micromanage everything.

So every year we have a discussion regards to the tree, and how to decorate the tree. Not me and the kids, no no. Me and my OCD voice that gives me a lot of grief every year. I really feel that decorating the tree brings out the worse in me and my surroundings.

My poor kids have hardly decorated a tree their whole life as I am getting to upset if they put the wrong colours on my tree.

Yup, it is my tree and my decoration and it is my thing. So last year I had to redo my tree twice as someone pointed out that one of the lights were crocked.

This year I tried a different approach, by letting Amy help me. And oh man was that a test of nerves for me. I had to retain myself for not shouting at her for putting the wrong sized baubles up or at the wrong place.

But we managed to decorate the tree and still keep our sanity. I have only redone a few baubles so far, but there is still time to redo the whole tree.

But I might keep it as it is, since Amy has done most of the decorating. She had fun too, whereas I was a pool of sweat and nerves.

Christmas really brings out the worst and the best in people.

So it looks best when it is dark and the lights shows of it sparkles, and maybe next year we hire someone to decorate it for us

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